Who is Rainbow Fin Co? not just a longboard fin company

Rainbow Fins vintage wood core longboard box fin 70's

50 years of making fins - A family owned business


Rainbow Fin Company – known to most as RFC 

     In 1968, a group of young Santa Cruz surfers started building fins to supply the needs of the surfing industry. For five decades, Rainbow Fin Company has been a leading manufacturer of performance fins. Nothing like celebrating the 50th anniversary to bring back memories of how far RFC has come. 

     Most people think of RFC as a longboard fin company. But the truth is that RFC has been making shortboard fins when twin fins were introduced in the late 60’s early 70’s. Rainbow also made "M2 Lites" as the first Procore and Carbon shortboard glass on fins.  Moving this technology into the box systems for shortboard fins.  Not stopping there, they have been producing fins for many other sports like: windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and SUP. RFC has also had the opportunity to make products for sailboats and research submarines.

     “It has been a great ride for 50 years of fun projects.” says Glen De Witt, “can’t wait for the next 50.”

     Rainbow Fin Co is still located in Santa Cruz, California where Glen and Kathy De Witt, along with their daughter, Sarah Broome, continue to manufacturer, test and design the product line.

     “I am so lucky to be a part of this family business” says Sarah Broome.

     The Rainbow family thanks you for your continued support in doing what we love. 


Glen and Kathy De Witt

Sarah Broome

Glen De Witt - owner of Rainbow Fins

Glen De Witt - Owner

" I want to personally thank each and everyone one who has bought a RFC fin over the last 50 years.  I love what I do and I am proud to share my quality products with you.  I look forward to another 50 years."

Glen and Kathy De Witt - owners of Rainbow Fin

Glen and Kathy De Witt

We appreciate your support for over the last 50 years

what is happening

It is a family affair

Rainbow Fin family, Glen and Kathy De Witt with daughter Sarah Broome

Glen and Kathy, along with daughter, Sarah Broome work closely together in their family business

Boardroom Trade Show

Rainbow Fin stained glass and beautiful colorful surfboard fins

Boardroom Surf Show at Del Mar Fairgrounds May 4-5, 2019


Glen De Witt, Rachael Tilly (team rider) and Sarah Broome

Glen De Witt and Sarah Broome with team rider Rachael Tilly showing off the custom color Wingnut Cutaway for her board.

Stained Glass 1 of a Kind

Rainbow Fin custom 1 of a kind stained glass fins.  always made in the USA

Some unique stained glass 1 of a kind custom fins

Not all work

Glen De Witt fishing

Glen out doing a little fishing.  Dinner is served

RFC Fleet

Rainbow Fin tour van  - Made fresh daily since 1968

The RFC van is always on the road visiting your local surf shop to make sure they have what you are looking for.

Honk and wave next time you see it 


Rainbow Fins east coast distributors - Rainbow Distribution team

United States

 West Coast - RFC # 831-728-2998                    info@rainbowfins.com

East Coast -  RDI  # 321-777-5936                    rain@rdistributing.com

left: Chris, Garrett, Logan and Carl

Rainbow Fins display at a trade show.  Marc Andreini flex fins


Europe: Classic Surf Supply  


Japan: Kyowa Trading