Aloha Island Diamond Head


I want to introduce to you the new limited edition line of fins. This series is called “Traveler Series”, which will take your mind to a place of adventure.


We will be producing a small run on special fabric from Hoffman Fabrics. These prints will be handpicked for each run. We will choose fabric with Hoffman Fabrics to inspire you to go on your next adventure. You know how a certain smell, color or image can take your mind to a place you had a previous adventure or want to have an adventure. That is the concept behind the Traveler Series. 

Our first run of the Traveler Series is an Aloha Island Diamond Head print (attached images). This first panel will be assorted templates of 66 fins. These fins will be numbered and branded as part of the Traveler Series.


Be part of the adventure and spread the word to your fellow travelers.


Once these fins are sold they are gone. 

Series #1     SOLD OUT


Travel not to escape life but to find life in your soul - Chinese proverb

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